Last Update: Sun Mar 15 12:34:56 -0500 2009

# Upgrade to rspec-1.2.0

## What’s Changed


  • If you use the ruby command to run specs instead of the spec command, you’ll need to require ‘spec/autorun’ or they won’t run. This won’t affect you if you use the spec command or the Spec::Rake::SpecTask that ships with RSpec.
  • require ‘spec/test/unit’ to invoke test/unit interop if you’re using RSpec’s core (this is handled implicitly with spec-rails)
  • setup and teardown are gone - use before and after instead
    • you can still use setup and teardown if you’re using Test::Unit::TestCase as the base ExampleGroup class (which is implicit in rspec-rails)
  • The matcher protocol has been improved. The old protocol is still supported, but we added support for two new methods that speak a bit more clearly:
    • ``failure_message => failure_message_for_should``
    • ``negative_failure_message => failure_message_for_should_not``
  • All references to rubygems have been removed from within rspec’s code.

## What’s new

### Ruby 1.9

RSpec now works with Ruby 1.9.1. See [wiki.github.com/dchelimsky/rspec/ruby-191](http://wiki.github.com/dchelimsky/rspec/ruby-191) for useful information.

### Improved heckle integration

RSpec works with heckle again [1]! Gotta use heckle >= 1.4.2 for this to work though, and it only works with ruby-1.8.6 and 1.8.7 (heckle doesn’t support 1.9.1 yet).

[sudo] gem install heckle --version ">=1.4.2"
spec spec/game/mastermind.rb --heckle Game::Mastermind

### New Matcher DSL

We’ve added a new DSL for generating custom matchers very simply and cleanly. We’ll still support the simple_matcher method, so never fear if you’re using that, but we recommend that you start developing your new matchers with this new syntax.

Spec::Matchers.create do :be_a_multiple_of |smaller|
  match do |bigger|
    bigger % smaller == 0

9.should be_a_multiple_of(3)

See ``features/matchers/create_matcher_.feature`` for more examples