Module Spec::Mocks::ExampleMethods

  1. lib/spec/mocks/spec_methods.rb

Public instance methods

allow_message_expectations_on_nil ()

Disables warning messages about expectations being set on nil.

By default warning messages are issued when expectations are set on nil. This is to prevent false-positives and to catch potential bugs early on.

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# File lib/spec/mocks/spec_methods.rb, line 50
      def allow_message_expectations_on_nil
mock (name, stubs_and_options={})

Shortcut for creating an instance of Spec::Mocks::Mock.

name is used for failure reporting, so you should use the role that the mock is playing in the example.

stubs_and_options lets you assign options and stub values at the same time. The only option available is :null_object. Anything else is treated as a stub value.


stub_thing = mock("thing", :a => "A")
stub_thing.a == "A" => true

stub_person = stub("thing", :name => "Joe", :email => "") => "Joe" => ""
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# File lib/spec/mocks/spec_methods.rb, line 23
      def mock(name, stubs_and_options={}), stubs_and_options)
stub (name, stubs_and_options={})

Alias for mock

stub_everything (name = 'stub')

DEPRECATED - use mock(‘name’).as_null_object instead

Shortcut for creating a mock object that will return itself in response to any message it receives that it hasn’t been explicitly instructed to respond to.

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# File lib/spec/mocks/spec_methods.rb, line 34
      def stub_everything(name = 'stub')
        Kernel.warn("\nDEPRECATION: stub_everything('\#{name}') is deprecated and will be removed\nfrom a future version of rspec. Please use mock('\#{name}').as_null_object\nor stub('\#{name}').as_null_object instead.\n\n")
        mock(name, :null_object => true)